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Buy and sell WordPress services on

WPMeteor is a market of WordPress services made by a community of verified professionals available to work on projects remotely, and we have launched it in ZUITON.

The idea of ​​WPMeteor is basically to simplify the outsourcing of small and / or large jobs with the WordPress CMS.

In WPMeteor we can find services from the installation or configuration of a specialized server for WordPress, the installation of WordPress, installation configuration and modification of a plugin, creation of custom plugins, creation of a website with WordPress or the creation of a virtual store.

Freelancers, agencies or freelancers who wish to offer services can register and apply to offer services on the platform.

WPMeteor is designed to accelerate the outsourcing process of WordPress projects and currently has about 10 categories in which you can buy and sell services. Each service is offered at a fixed price in advance, which includes clear parameters and a foreseen time range in which the work performed will be delivered.

How WPMeteor works
For buyers
To buy a service through WPMeteor, just look for the service you need. It could be the design of a Home page, the installation and configuration of a theme, the installation and configuration of a virtual store, the programming of a plugin, among many others. This would be the first step, perform a search and browse through the services, categories or service providers that offer the service you want. Once you have selected the service you are interested in, pay for the service and you will receive a notification when the service provider starts working. When the service provider gives you the job you will receive a notification and have a number of reviews before accepting it as finished or receiving the necessary files. On the other hand, In some cases you may want a personalized service. Using the function of ‘Custom Meteors ‘ may be able to request a service of different scope, with a price, requirements and custom delivery times. The service provider has the ability to accept, negotiate or reject your offer.

It’s the easiest way to sub-contract WordPress jobs, since you know exactly what you’re buying, how much you have to pay, how many revisions you’ll have from work and how much time you’re going to take, all in advance.

For sellers
If you want to sell a service through WPMeteor, you first need to register with WPMeteor, apply to become an accepted WPM and then publish the service (or services) that you would like to offer. The WPMeteor team will review each service you have published. When someone buys your service you should request the necessary requirements to do the job (although you can automate that information request process). When you finish the work and deliver it to the client within the time you have specified for the service, the client will have the option to do the number of revisions that you have specified in the service, then you can mark the work as completed and you will receive the deposit in your account. On the other hand, in some cases a customer may want a personalized service. Using the ‘Custom Meteors’ function a client can send you a request with some requirements that you want for your project, as well as a price and delivery time that the client wants. You as the service provider have the ability to accept, negotiate or reject your offer.

It is a great solution for WordPress service providers because they are in control of everything they are doing. That is, it establishes a price for its service and that is what the client pays, without negotiation, without applying to offers, without prejudice or cons. Simple. Offer and demand.

How does WPMeteor comply with the quality of its WordPress services?
For buyers
There are hundreds of online job exchanges where you can buy services and outsource jobs; They are so many that it is indeed difficult to choose who to work with, knowing where you will get guarantee and good results is not easy to know. WPMeteor handles this problem through two essential steps. First check that each service provider meets the requirements and can offer a quality service. Segundo reviews all services published on the site before they are available for purchase. In this way, buyers know that the service they are paying is a professional standard accepted by WPMeteor.

Once you have purchased a service and the work has been completed you will be asked to give a review of the service received and a brief description of your experience. Using ratings from other users to make sure you choose the best provider for the job can also help you.

For the sellers
WPMeteor reviews all the services they offer on the website, once the service is published the buyers of the website know that they have been checked by the quality of the WPMeteor professionals and received their approval.

As they complete jobs, they will receive reviews of the buyers in their services, in this way, future buyers will know that you are doing a good job. As your reputation and positive reviews grow, it will become more attractive to buyers, ensuring not only one customer, but many customers.

How does WPMeteor protect your money?
For buyers
When a buyer decides to buy a service, he pays in advance the total cost of the service he has selected. However, this payment does not go directly to the service provider’s pocket. The money is held in a WPMeteor deposit account and will be there until the ordered work has been completed and delivered. When the buyer marks the job as finished, then the service provider can receive his money.

Buyers no longer have to worry about programmers or designers who can cheat them by requesting a deposit and then not doing the work that corresponds.

For sellers
The WPMeteor escrow system works both ways: Full payment in advance, as long as you deliver the service you promise, the money will be yours at the end of the job.

You will never have to chase customers, chase unpaid bills, or have to struggle with tons of administrative paperwork. This means that he will be free to work with what he likes. WordPress

How do you handle WPMeteor disputes?
It would be naive to think that something will never go wrong. That is why WPMeteor has a dispute system to care for both buyers and service providers.

For buyers
Sometimes, despite the best reviews from other buyers, despite the fact that the commissioned project was developed satisfactorily, despite the seller’s guarantees, sometimes things can go wrong.

Most of the time you will be able to solve any problem by sending a message to the seller, but if you need help, you can be sure that WPMeteor has a dispute resolution team that will impartially judge what has been delivered and determine If the seller must be paid.

If things go wrong, you will get your money back.

For sellers
Of course, it’s not just the buyers that can rely on the WPMeteor dispute team. If you deliver what you promised, but the buyer does not want to pay, the dispute resolution team will investigate and then release the funds to you. All you have to do to ensure that you are paid is to keep your promises.

Most sellers and buyers will never need the Dispute team, but it is comforting to know they are there if you ever need them.

WPMeteor has to do with honest professionals who do business together in a simple and transparent way.

What can I find in WPMeteor?
With about 10 categories on services in WordPress, there are many things that are in WPMeteor, however, being a new website, we could still find some services, that is, if we do not count, we can always use the “Custom Meteor” function. Check some of the services that are already available on the site. Would you like to buy one? Or maybe you can offer some services?

Help WPMeteor grow as a platform
WPMeteor is fully functional although it is in beta. We are working hard to improve all aspects of it. By just sending a feedback you can help us improve.
Creating a trustworthy and quality community for WordPress services is not an easy task, however we are focused on achieving it. Think of WPMeteor as a mega virtual assistant specialized in WordPress that you will use when you need services for the CMS with quality and in a safe way. In essence, it is the place to find almost any WordPress service made by qualified developers and professional agencies that offer their services remotely from anywhere in the world.